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The new people of this near-peaceful nowhereville had another common bond, a unity of love.

Her name was Cassandra.

Her friends and admirers never called her Cassie because as people tend to become their names, Cassie was never becoming of her. Cassie was a child, cute but short of true beauty and grace. Cassandra was a woman with unnatural beauty, a warm glow about her and a name like the gold-flecked auburn hair that cascaded in waves down her soft shoulders and bosom.

Even those who preferred the waif look could not deny her presence so comforting it startled, one so pleasing to the eye and mind as to make one unsure of why it was so.

Cassandra was an activist, and not just one who belonged to the many, grass-rooted, varied but ultimately angry people who take up a cause to vent their general frustration with life. She loved people. She loved the world they inhabited. She desperately wanted the two to get along so their relationship would never end so long as she was part of it. And she intended to be around for a while.

What with the advent of the mutation-free RNA diet and supplements, the discovery of the biological fountain of youth, Cassandra expected to be done with life no earlier than her second full century. This was a personal choice, a choice she had made in private and continued to keep private from others.

As much as she loved all things in their natural state, one might think she would feel torn about the ethics of choosing when one lives, when one dies. But, as many humans do, she considered herself an exception. As one of the proportionately few who loved life and felt her own, specific purpose in it, she found justification in her way of tweaking nature’s intended course for her. And she saw everything as a choice. This pragmatism, adaptive ethics, was a choice she had made to serve a greater cause.

No one was as driven, as composed nor as compelling to love as Cassandra. So they chose her to head this community of others as it were, not acting in power but as a coordinator, a brace for their collectivism. And the people expected their unity to strain as their fellowship grew.

I'm not sure if this is too long by community standards... I just wanted to give us more to work with, a person, a complex idea. I write a lot so this isn't long to me. If it's way off, just ignore or delete! :)
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