Janet Snakehole (applespicy) wrote in write_the_story,
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In a world defined by sides, positions, opinions, and viewpoints, Rhianna was alone.

It wasn't enough that she was just a clueless schoolkid suffering the endless onslaught of teenage angst, it wasn't only that she had just moved to this not-so-small town. It was that she had nothing to say. In a sphere dominated by personal voice, she was voiceless. Silent, brooding, friendless, merely a pale shadow flitting past the corner of your eye.

And so she existed. She did not live, not like the golden woman who fought for the rights of the natural world. Not like the man who lived for technology. She simply breathed, taking in more and more of the air she never believed she had the right to partake of. Wandering listlessly through the darkness that she could never escape, sinking farther and farther into an impermeable fog of emptiness.

don't know how this did.. but ah well, i'll give it a go!

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