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write_the_story's Journal

A neverending story
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Write the story!

This is a neverending story, which you write. As a member of this community, you can continue the story from the last post. Each post is a part of the story, and will continue the last post.

Here are the rules, please read them before posting in the community:
*DON'T write any off-topic entries. If you should post anything which doesn't belong here by mistake, please delete it.
*Please don't write anything in 'subject', 'mood', or 'music'. anything that don't have anything to do with the actual story should be written in an lj-cut.
*Your part of the story can be short or long, but please don't make it too long.
*If you feel that you need to explain something in your part of the story, please use the lj-cut.
*You decide what you want to write. It could be anything from 'he saw a cute girl on the other side of the road' to 'then suddenly the bat turned into a vampire and bit her neck'... as long as it continues the last post.
*Please keep in mind that this community doesn't have an age limit, though.
*If, after you have posted the next part of the story, you discover that someone else has answered the same post that you did, just let it be, and the next poster will decide which one he/she will continue.
*Please don't end the story, please make sure that it always can be continued.

community made by copy_kat
if you have any suggestions to interests, rules, or anything else you want to tell me, feel free to e-mail me on copykat84@hotmail.com